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Possibly the leading and most cost effective specialist in the fields of

1. Nuisance

2. Noise & Acoustics

3. Contaminated Land, and

4. Planning & Environment

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How we save you money

As well as maintaining low overheads and being truly independent, we try our best to evaluate every case very carefully and do the absolute least amount of work necessary to achieve the desired goal.

Examples include:

Local Authorities often ask developers for both noise & air pollution surveys as a matter of routine. The latter are often time consuming and expensive, and in our experience, unnecessary. That being the case we are often successful in arguing that they should not be required thereby saving the developer in the order of 6 months and several thousand pounds.

Local Authorities often ask for noise surveys which are far too complex and extensive to achieve what they require. We always work hard for the developer to make sure that the minimum amount of work is carried out, sometimes this actually means no work.

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CIEH Presidential Award

CIEH LogoDr Stephen Battersby, President of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health chose Roger Braithwaite from over 10,000 environmental health professionals to receive the 2010 “President’s Award”. For further information click here or here.


Expert Witness Scheme

Expert Witness LogoThe Sweet & Maxwell ‘Checked’ Expert Witness scheme used to be the Law Society ‘Checked’ scheme. In 2005 Sweet & Maxwell took over the administration of the process whereby Expert Witnesses are checked for their competence in both the production of written evidence, and delivery under cross examination in court. A minimum of two competent legal references are required from Barristers and / or Solicitors. Roger Braithwaite has been a ‘Checked’ Expert Witness for over 12 years and represented clients in some of the leading environmental cases in UK history.


Why Leading?

Zero environment Ltd was set up by Roger Braithwaite in 1999. In the years since the company has been operating it has had approaching 500 clients including organisations such as:

The Environment Agency
Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
Atomic Weapons Establishment
Health Protection Agency
Hägglunds MOELV (Norway)

For full lists click on private sector clients or local authority clients.

Regular repeat business has given the company a reputation second to none in the environmental consulting industry.

Prior to 1999 Roger Braithwaite worked for 25 years in the public sector dealing with some of the most complex issues of the time.

Results speak for themselves. Roger Braithwaite has never lost a case based on his evidence.

Why Cost Effective?

Most consultants with Roger Braithwaite’s experience work for large companies with high overheads and are charged out at approximately double his current hourly rate. He works from a purpose built office in his garden in Warwickshire, and overheads are deliberately kept low.

He undertakes 100% of the work himself ensuring an unrivaled continuity in collection, recording and delivery of evidence. There is zero chance of mistakes being made between junior staff undertaking monitoring, and more senior staff undertaking research and report writing.

Where junior staff are given the responsibility of undertaking field work alone, their lack of experience can result in poor quality data and important matters being missed.

Zero environment has built up an impressive collection of high quality and reliable monitoring equipment over the years so more often than not there is no need for expensive equipment to be hired.

We guarantee INDEPENDENCE which can be the single most important factor when it comes to cost of services.


Roger Braithwaite

Roger Braithwaite

Curriculum Vitae

Why is Independence Important?

Some firms provide consultancy services which are merely an, ‘add on’, to a larger organisation selling related materials or services. Always be cautious of a low consultancy quote which could lead to a suspicious outcome.

We have been asked to re-undertake assessments done in the past by firms with links to other companies offering the likes of site investigation, laboratory services, remediation services, insulation materials, double glazing, building services, etc.

Our investigations and assessments are designed to undertake the absolute least amount of work necessary to protect the environment and achieve the desired goal.

The Institute of Acoustics

To become a full & Corporate Member of the Institute of Acoustics it is necessary to obtain the Postgraduate Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control (after first obtaining an Degree in a relevant discipline), be at least 25 years old, have a minimum of 3 years experience working in the filed, and be sponsored by a minimum of 3 Corporate Members who can verify the applicant’s knowledge and experience.

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

CIEHTo become a full & Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health it is necessary to obtain a degree in environmental health.

To become a Fellow an individual must have been a member for at least 10 years, provided “distinctive service” to the Chartered Institute and demonstrated “special knowledge” and “special ability” in the fields of Environmental Health. He must then be nominated by two voting members and the application submitted to the Chief Executive. The nomination is then considered by a scrutiny panel and referred to Council.

In 2010 Roger Braithwaite was nominated for Fellowship by the Graham Jukes, the Chief Executive, and Alan Higgins, the current Chairman of the CIEH. The nomination was approved unanimously by the scrutiny panel and full Council.

The Royal Society for Public Health


What Other People Say

Competition in environmental consulting in the UK has never been greater. As a result it is impossible to build a significant client base without demonstrating the very highest levels of expertise and providing a truly exceptional service.

Unlike larger companies where junior staff are employed widely across a whole range of disciplines, Roger Braithwaite, founder and principal consultant of Zero environment Ltd undertakes 100% of the consultancy and Expert Witness work himself guaranteeing continuity and confidence throughout.

Results speak for themselves, Roger Braithwaite has never lost a case to date based on his technical evidence.

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Corby Case

For four years from 2005 to its successful conclusion in 2009 Roger Braithwaite worked on the Corby Steelworks Case representing the children of Corby who were adversely affected by pollution from the remediation.

This was a landmark case not only in the UK, but the world. For the first time a link was established between the demolition and remediation of a contaminated site and adverse affects on the development of the foetus.

Mr Braithwaite was Expert Witness for the claimants in matters relating to:

* Legislation and associated guidance available at the time the remedial works were undertaken
* Iron, steel works and coal carbonisation processes
* Waste arisings and waste disposal
* Contaminated land assessment and remediation
* Local government process and regulation
* Nuisance

For details of the case click here